Just a quick one today that may inspire and prompt a few of you.

If you’re anything like me you like all the trimmings at Christmas, and as designated Chef you get lumbered with not only ‘on the day cooking’ but with any prep ahead of time.

Now I usually can’t see past the end of my nose, and think I’m doing well if I’ve made and prepped a few foodie things a few days, possibly a week before Christmas. And then inevitably, despite wanting less stress, I end up with little down time, struggling through shopping tail-backs, and feeling chained to the oven trying not to act hard done by.

So this year I have turned over a new leaf and am already less tightly wound than usual heading towards the celebration. A few thing I’ve done are:

• booked a slot for deliver of my Christmas online grocery shop
• started adding to my online shop, doing a little at a time and saving
• visited the butcher and ordered the goose, giblets et al
• I also ordered extra sausages, black pudding and bacon as usually these are gone by the time you pick up the gander
• made pigs-in-blankets (sausages wrapped in bacon) and frozen them
• made bread sauce and frozen
• made sliced red cabbage and frozen
• made forcemeat stuffing and frozen
• picked up some bits in each weekly shop to stockpile at the back of the wardrobe to help spread the cost (Baileys anyone? Usually slim on the ground by the time you realise you need it in stock. Kids stocking treats. Christmas pudd. Fizz etc…)

So as well as getting into home-made presents (and doing the Christmas Cake) in advance, why not give yourself a bit of extra time to enjoy the run up and the day (whilst saving frayed tempers and the possible tongue-lashing that comes with it!) by doing a little bit more in advance than you usually would.

If you’re not sure if your favourite accompaniment can be frozen safely pop it into google and someone is bound to have the answer!

Happy Prepping!!