Today’s blog post is inspired by the weather and our activity indoors today- a simple and easy no-cook playdough recipe.

I personally hate generic Play Dough- the bright coloured smelly stuff you can buy. It is a waste of money too in my humble opinion a kids will naturally squish it into things, it gets filthy and so you chuck it.

This simple recipe is not only cheap and easy, but lasts quite a while and even if it doesn’t- chuck it and make anew! It’s a nice introduction to ‘cooking’ with kids too, as so long as they get to wear an apron, and do some stirring they feel an active part of production and are pleased to be part of the action!

2 cups plain flour
2 tablespoons veg oil
1/2 cup table salt (I add a LOT so kids are put off eating it! Bleurgh!)
2 tablespoons cream of tartar (or 3.5 of baking powder)
Up to 2 cups boiling water
Food colouring
Few drops of glycerine


• Mix the flour, salt, cream if tartar and oil in a large bowl
• add the boiling water- slowly and little by little
• stir continuously until it becomes sticky, combined dough
• add food colouring & glycerine – the colouring is self explanatory, the glycerine adds shine and seems to make it both last longer and ‘stick’ to less play surfaces/ cutters etc
• allow to cool, then knead it vigorously (if still sticky add more flour slowly)

Now just a quick note- I know ‘cups’ is more common in the UK now but is a very American cooking measurement generally. So long as you use a ‘cup’ and not a giant British mug, and so long as you use the same cup for all measurements you’ll be fine. Pick a cup, any cup, and don’t be afraid!!