BlogFest 2013



I took the plunge last night, and booked my tickets for BlogFest 2013.

With the feeling that despite years of social media marketing, PR and event management under my belt in my ‘proper job’ I am a relative newbie to the blogsphere, I am both anxious and excited.

The line-up is truly inspirational and even if I just keep myself to myself (anyone that knows me will laughing, as I will find this impossible!) and just take notes and have a good listen then I know I’ll have an amazing time and come back with tips and tricks and a lot of ideas. But if I get chatting to other bloggers, especially those who have been around the block a few more times than I have (blog-wise obviously!), and make some friends then it will be well well worth it.

The obvious ‘what to wear’ conundrum doesn’t really bother me. It’s maternity or erm maternity – and I’m happy to wear my bump with pride. Frankly, sometimes I actually wonder if a bump doesn’t make an outfit – everything seems to look complete with bump, as the focus is off you and your figure, and on the very obvious bumpage.

I’ve sent in my choices of breakout sessions, and wished I could duplicate myself a few times during the picking process. Photography or spinning a yarn. Yarn. No Photography. No Yarn… Decision made. Scribbled out. Remade. Oh damn it!!

So – as far as I know I know no-one going. So please fellow bloggers, if you stumble across this post and you too are attending BlogFest then don’t be a stranger. You won’t be able to recognize me on the day from the picture above – but I felt that this summed up my life most days. The knife-edge of fun and chaos, delight and drama. Mixed with lashings of Heinz Tomato Soup for good measure. Naturally!

Husband is booked to look after the midgets for the day. Guilt is minimal. Excitment is optimal. Now to purchase snacks a-go-go to help him get through it, and hide a Real Ale as a Thank You to him at the end of the day. He’s easily pleased.

I look forwards to meeting you all there – and thanks to Mumsnet for what I’m sure will be a fabulously inspiring event.

  1. HELLO!!!!!!

    I’m going to BlogFest too, and I don’t know anyone either. At the moment I’m really excited about it, but on Saturday I’ll probably be vomiting with nerves and be a damp, nervously sweaty mess.

    I was freaking out about what to wear, wanting to give the best impression of me, but then I realised that anyone who reads my blog will already know the inner workings of my head almost better than I do myself, so for once I can go into a scary situation and not pretend to be anything other than who I am. So I will almost certainly be in clashing colours and blue Docs. Still a bit jealous of you having a bump to hide behind though…

    • themeaningofwife

      Hi Lucy – thanks so much for the comment! And you are so right about people knowing you better than you know yourself via your blog :) I think it’s a great ice-breaker as there is common ground before you even begin. The tag-to-tag connection system they’ve got going too will make it so much easier to connect and share details without paper/iphones going bananas too! Hope we get to connect in person on the day – and all the very best for the day (no vomiting please!). Everyone is in the same boat – whether seasoned blogger or not, so don’t fret. And if all else fails there is definitely something to be said for imagining everyone in their undies. Maternity undies – nice ;) xx